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The State Theatre was opened to the public on December 8, 1927 with much fanfare. For months, John P. Curley, a Boston

contractor, with his men and sub-contractors, had been rushing work on the grand new edifice, whose beauty was evident not only

on the outside, but penetrating the high brisk walls and the spacious granite frontage into the interior of the theater. The theatre

boasted comely decorated walls, a grand proscenium stage, a modern Estey Pipe Organ for musical accompaniment, with all

attachments, and the most comfortable seats available. It had a model heating plant, with efficient ventilation, and an electric sign

at the front entrance. According to historical schedules, the newly named “The State Theatre” would present daily shows and

matinees of both moving pictures and vaudeville performances. The State Theatre was one of the finest amusements houses in

Southeastern Massachusetts. 

History of the State Theatre
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