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Friends of the State Theatre is an organization of volunteers committed to preserving and revitalizing the historic State Theatre of Stoughton, MA for theatre, live entertainment and motion picture presentation for the benefit of the community and the region.

The State Theatre was opened

to the public on December 8,

1927 with much fanfare. For

months, John P. Curley, a

Boston contractor, with his

men and sub-contractors, had

been rushing work on the grand

new edifice, whose beauty was

evident not only on the outside,

but penetrating the high brisk

walls and the spacious granite

frontage into the interior of the

theater. The theatre boasted

comely decorated walls, a

grand proscenium stage, a

modern Estey Pipe Organ for

musical accompaniment, with

all attachments, and the most

comfortable seats available. It

had a model heating plant, with

efficient ventilation, and an

electric sign at the front

entrance. According to

historical schedules, the newly

named “The State Theatre”

would present daily shows and

matinees of both moving

pictures and vaudeville

performances. The State

Theatre was one of the finest

amusements houses in

Southeastern Massachusetts. 

History of the State Theatre
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Mission Statement
Friends of the State Theatre’s mission incorporates two primary goals: To preserve the historic State Theatre building and its historical and architectural integrity, by revitalizing and restoring the interior, the exterior, and the structural and operational components of the existing theatre. To provide enriching cultural experiences, as well as to aid the redevelopment for the downtown area of Stoughton, through the rebirth of the historic theatre, offering a venue for performing arts, live entertainment and motion picture presentation.  COMMUNITY BENEFITS  Economic  A newly renovated theatre will serve as an impetus for Downtown revitalization, creating a lively center of commerce and community.  Cultural A robust calendar of programming will expose residents of all ages to diverse forms of artistic expression and establish Stoughton as a cultural center of New England. Educational Programming will provide opportunities for structured and experiential learning, exposing visitors to a rich variety of new and familiar content. Through in-depth partnerships with local youth organizations and educational institutions, the venue will strive to serve as an extension of classroom learning. ECONOMIC IMPACT  A restored State Theatre will have significant economic impacts for  the Greater Stoughton region.  IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES 
If you would like to suport the restoring of the State Theatre, checks can be made out to: Friends of the State Theatre Mailed to: Friends of the State Theatre C/O South Shore Bank 1538 Turnpike St Stoughton MA 02072